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2013 Training Class Dates

Published 02/13/2013

Training class dates have been scheduled for 2013. Unless otherwise noted, classes run from 2:45pm - 4:45pm. Please go to to register for classes. The schedule can also be found here. Thursday, February 21st Thursday, March 21st Thursday, April 25th Thursday, May 23rd Thursday, June 27th Thursday, July 25th Thursday, August 22nd Thursday, September 19th...

Announcing Cyber Publisher

Published 02/15/2013

2013 is going to be an exciting year for Cyber Technical's CMS platform. A number of changes are in store, and today we are making announcements regarding upcoming changes to the product. Rebranding We are happy to announce that K2 CMS is becoming Cyber Publisher. Although the name K2 represents one of the mightiest mountains in the...