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Updates to the Custom Forms Module

Published 10/09/2015

The development team here has been working on some updates to our Custom Forms Module. Along with a minor bug fix and updates to the back end, here are a few of the improvements you can look for: Added support for 100, 150, 200 and 250 character textboxes. Added Validation Format column to field list in admin An...

Rich Text Block

Published 07/06/2015

Have content that's important enough to put in multiple places on your website? Using the Rich Text Block allows you to enter that content once, and drop it in as many places as you would like. Log into your website's admin, and look under modules. You can create the Rich Text Block here, and then...

Content Randomizer

Published 04/01/2015

If you also have tips you would like to share with your customers and/or clients, here's a great opportunity to use your Content Randomizer Widget. First you will need to create a Rich Text List. You can find this option under Modules. Each tip that you have will be a separate item in your Rich...

Search Engine Optimization

Published 03/06/2015

If you've launched your site, and you have never attended a continuing education class, we highly recommend attending this month. We will specifically be going over Search Engine Optimization. We give you the tools to do this, so don't let it go to waste!

Call to Action

Published 01/12/2015

Make sure every page has some sort of call to action. Whether it is a button or a hyperlink, direct your customers to where you want them to end up on your site! Keep in mind what you want them to do...