Admin Refresh

Published 03/27/2014

We have begun rolling out a major update that centers around the administrative section of Cyber Publisher. This is a complete visual overhaul that is designed to improve numerous aspects of the site editing experience.

The new admin is the result of many months of development, revisions and demos. Many of you contributed ideas during training classes and sent us your feedback. We hope that you will be pleased with the update, and invite you to send feedback via the dashboard.

The following list is an overview of the coming changes:

  • A visual refresh that uses new colors and icons to improve readability and usability.
  • A redesigned dashboard that makes finding information and sending feedback easier.
  • Controls to collapse the side nav. This especially useful on smaller devices.
  • Collapsible side-nav sub menus to make the most of available screen space.
  • Layout changes to make the system more responsive on mobile devices.
  • Fixes for the Rich Text Editor to improve compatibility in newer version of Internet Explorer.
  • Numerous improvements to the File Manager.

All sites will be updated over the coming weeks, but you can move yourself to the top of the update list by emailing us via the feedback form on your dashboard.