Cyber Publisher Updates for 8/13/13

Published 08/13/2013

We pushed out a small set of updates today for users of Cyber Publisher.

File Manager Improvements

The advanced image upload feature will now retain the original file type, rather than converting every image to a JPG. This has numerous benefits, one being that transparencies can be retained when resizing a PNG or GIF. We have also optimized the file/directory grid and added a dedicated download button.

URL Redirects

URL redirects have been enhanced to support individual file redirects and more complex URL patterns.

Performance Improvements

We have improved performance in widget page load times, file manager browsing and blog module load times.

K2 Users

The updates listed above have already been distributed to users of Cyber Publisher. Updates are available to K2 users by request. Upgrades will be performed on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be free for the vast majority of our clients. Please contact us to schedule your upgrade.