Updates for June 2014

Published 06/30/2014

We have completed the rollout of a batch of enhancements for all users of Cyber Publisher. The focus of this round of updates was on improving media management. Updates include:

  • A completely redesigned file manager with thumbnail views that are similar to what users are used to working with in operating systems such as Windows or OSX.
  • Much simplified image uploading experience that will dramatically cut down on the time and complexity involved in creating image galleries.
  • Auto thumbnail generation for image galleries.
  • A brand new Responsive Image Gallery widget that creates optimized images for varying screen sizes as they are requested.
  • Huge performance improvements.
  • Optional anti-spam measures that can be enabled in contact form and forms module widgets.

The updates listed here are available to you NOW - just log into your admin system to check out the new features. Contact us to learn more about what you can do with Cyber Publisher.