Updates for October 2013

Published 10/03/2013

Over the next few weeks we will be pushing out a series of updates to all Cyber Publisher users. This release focuses largely on bug fixes reported by users, but there are also a few new features.

  • The File Manager has been enhanced to allow multi file delete and improve the browsing experience.
  • Performance enhancements during startup for large sites.
  • Secure download admin widget fixes.
  • Bug fix when duplicating page drafts.
  • The rich text editor's file browser was not showing children for page stubs when browsing pages to set a link. This has been fixed.
  • Added a published column to the admin page grid to make it easier to browse for unpublished pages.
  • Added a new "Subject" field to the contact form widget to allow the email subject to be set by the administrator.

Many thanks to all of the users that submitted feedback, suggestions, bug reports. etc. Please continue to use the feedback form to send us messages as it has been a great source of feedback.