Q. How do I add Google Analytics?
A. Google will provide you with a script <code> to copy into the CMS. Highlight this code on the Google Analytics page and copy it to your clipboard. Go to the Site Settings page in the CMS admin system, select the Scripts tab, paste the code into the box labeled Body End Script and click Save Settings. For more info see Google's docs.

Q. I added a page but I cannot see it. Why?
A. Chances are you did not publish the page. Select the page that you want to edit and go to the Drafts tab. Select the draft that you want to publish from the Select a Draft to Edit drop down and click the Publish This Draft link button.

Q. I forgot my password and/or cannot login to the administrative system. What do I do?
A. Navigate to your website's home page and browse to the /reset-password URL. If you see a message that says "Password is currently disabled", then you will need to contact the system administrator. Otherwise, follow the on screen instructions to reset your password.


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