Roles are used to manage authorization in Cyber Publisher. Roles are lists of users that can be applied to objects such as access lists to determine if a user is allowed access to a particular resource. Users can be assigned to roles. Examples of roles are Manager, Employee, Client, Marketing etc. All Cyber Publisher installations contain the pre-defined Administrator role which cannot be deleted.

Creating New Roles

To create a role, go to Security > Roles in the admin navigation menu and click Create a New Role. Give the role a name and click the Create Role button.

Deleting Roles

In the list of roles, click the Delete button to delete a role. The Administrator role cannot be deleted. Also, roles that contain users cannot be deleted.

Assigning Users to Roles

To assign a user to a role, go to Security > Users in the admin navigation menu and click the Edit button in the user list to edit a user. From this page, you can check the boxes next to the roles that you want the user to be assigned to.