Advanced Content Page Fields

Advanced settings are typically used when performing SEO optimizations to a site, restricting access to pages or running e-commerce. When creating and editing content pages, the following advanced settings are available:

  1. Template Variant - the particular content variant of the selected template. If no variants have been created, this will be set to "Default". See Templates for more infomation.
  2. Page/Browser Title - The text which will be appended to the site title at the top of the browser window for each page. This text can also be used for SEO purposes. If left blank, this field will inherit the Page Name.
  3. Prefix Title with Site Name - prefixes the Page/Browser Title if a Site Name has been set under Site Settings.
  4. Meta Desciption (optional) - sets the page meta description tag.
  5. Meta Keywords (optional) - sets the page keywords tag. Keywords should be separated by the comma (,) character.
  6. Is Https/SSL - set the pages to use SSL/HTTPS. This option requires the installation of an SSL certificate by the site administrator. This field is typically only used for e-commerce purposes.
  7. Access List (optional) - allows the administrator to restrict access to the page to a specific access list. See Access Lists and Securing Content Pages for more information.