Uploading Files

To upload a file using the file manager, you must first choose the parent directory to upload the file to. This is done by selecting the Browse Files tab and using the folder/file grid to navigate to the folder that you want to upload to.

Once you have chosen the parent directory to upload the file to, switch to the Upload a File tab. For verification purposes, the parent directory that you selected will be listed next to the Upload a file to heading.

Next, choose the file that you want to upload by clicking the Browse (Firefox and Internet Explorer) or Choose File (Chrome and Safari) button and navigating to the file on your local computer.

Once you have selected a file, click the Upload File button. The file will be uploaded to the server, you will be switched back to the folder/file grid, and the uploaded file will be available for use.

File Name Auto-Formatting

The name of the file you selected to upload will be automatically converted to a web browser friendly directory string. Capitals will be converted to lowercase characters, spaces will be replaced by dashes and special characters will be removed.

File Size Restrictions

Cyber Publisher currently restricts the size of uploaded files to 16MB. If you attempt to upload a file that surpasses the size limit, your upload will fail and you will be redirected to an error page.

Web Browser Peculiararities

As mentioned above, there are differences in the way that web browsers present the upload file controls and dialogs.  As HTML standards evolve, browser vendors continue to change and/or improve the built in utilities that are used for uploading files. For example, when uploading a file in Google's Chrome, you can monitor the upload percentage via the toolbar in the lower left corner of the browser. This can be very useful when you are uploading large files.

Due to rapidly evolving web browser standards, the Cyber Publisher admin system only directly supports the most up-to-date versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. If you run into problems using one of these browsers, please let us know via the administrative dashboard feedback form.