Adding and Editing Content

After a content page has been created, you can add and edit content through the use of widgets. Widgets in Cyber Publisher are used like building blocks to add different types of content into editable content zones.

Content Zones

Content zones are containers for controls, and their placement on the page is defined by the template that you select. Content zones usually have descriptive names such as "Main Content", "Sidebar" or "Banner Rotator".  Widgets are stacked from top to bottom inside of a content zone. You can add an unlimited number of widgets to a content zone.

Adding Widgets to Content Zones

To add a control to a content zone, select a page to edit and select the Drafts tab. You will see the content zones listed as tabs. You can add widgets to content zones by selecting from the drop down list below the Add a widget to this zone heading. If you already have controls on the page, you can choose to add the control above or below current controls.

Sorting Widgets

You can sort widgets within content zones by clicking the Move Down or Move Up buttons. The widget will then be moved one place in the stack in the direction you have chosen.

Deleting Widgets

You can remove a widget and its content from a content zone by clicking the Delete This Widget button next to the widget heading. Keep in mind that deleting a widget cannot be undone.

Widget Fields

Most widgets have fields (also know as properties) that can be set and/or edited. For example, the Rich Text Editor widget contains a field that allows you manage content via a word processor interface. Widgets contain fields that are relevant to the use of the intended widget. You can reference the widget documentation for further information on editing widget fields.