Managing Files

Uploading and organizing files is an important feature in any CMS. Cyber Publisher offers a powerful, dedicated file manager that allows you to optimize images, create folders, manage the folder hierarchy and more. Cyber Publisher also offers smaller, component specific file management windows that integrate with Cyber Publisher modules and widgets.

The File Manager

The file manager is the main file management tool used in Cyber Publisher. To access the file manager, log into the K2 admin and select the File Manager link in the admin navigation menu.

The file manager contains several tools that are organized into tabs. You can click the corresponding links for detailed information regarding each tool.

In addition, you can choose to manage files in one of 2 root directories - your public media folder, or your secure files folder.

Component Windows

File management component windows are accessed through integration with Widgets such as the Rich Text Editor or Image Gallery, or the Rich Text Lists module. There are 3 types of file management component windows. Click the corresponding links for more information.

  • File Browser
  • Image Browser
  • Directory Browser